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To research and understand Noble Caledonia's customers needs and build an engaging digital strategy to promote the brand online.
Client Need
Noble Caledonia is a small ship cruise company with very few digital assets other than their existing website. Knowing they needed to invest in digital, we was called in to help them understand what they needed to do to engage with their customers and increase brand awareness.
Starting with nothing meant we had to begin by understanding consumer requirements and online behaviour. This resulted in an in-depth social media audit to understand what was being said about Noble Caledonia specifically and small ship cruising in general.
We then carried out an extensive competitor audit and also looked into the industry as a whole to gain a better understanding of where the potential audience was talking online. This resulted in a 60-page audit documenting everything from brand sentiment and topic analysis, to seasonality of search trends.
The Solution
The audit helped us to better understand the platforms available to engage with the audience and the type of topics that would gain the best results. Armed with a full understanding of the digital landscape, we was able to create a customised strategy that would fully integrate all relevant digital channels.
We recommended that Noble Caledonia invested in a new community platform to allow consumers to discuss cruise related topics and connect with like-minded individuals.
The Result
The social media strategy went a lot further than merely building the platform for engagement. The community site was fully integrated with external social platforms. We also advised on Noble Caledonia's Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts and worked with their online PR agency to engage within the forums and blogs.
The community was populated with content that would appeal to both the existing cruise communities, and to customers who were researching cruise holidays. Articles were created with the help of on-going social media monitoring around industry news and topics that customers were already talking about online. We consulted on the brand tone of voice guidelines for Noble Caledonia and worked with their copywriters to create compelling content for the community site.
Noble Caledonia went from having no major online presence, to having a custom built community platform with on-going Social Media marketing developed around their potential customer needs. The community site now has over 2,000 active members.
Client Story
Some years ago Noble Caledonia detected a need by seasoned travellers for a company that could offer a range of trips that were educational, enjoyable and above all different.
Over the years, they expanded their repertoire to include cruises by river and sea, tours by coach, train, plane and any combination of all of these in order to achieve the most comfortable and interesting journey.

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