About No Pork Pies

Since 2009 No Pork Pies has helped businesses understand and develop their digital marketing campaigns. Clients such as Thomson Local, Claims Direct, Giff Gaff, Travelex, Brandwatch, Cox and Kings and many others have seen results from our insights and performance focused approach to digital marketing.

We passionately believe that for our clients to excel we need to be integrated into their business. As such, we decided to focus on two core types of online businesses, Software as a Service (SAAS) and eCommerce. This meant we could develop processes that are tailored around these very specific business' needs. Our processes, and ways of working, are set up so we can be an extension of our client’s in-house teams. Through operating this way we are able to offer services that can grow and develop as the SAAS or eCommerce business moves from early stage to establed enterprise. We have developed templates and processes for early stages to keep costs down but also bespoke offerings around Website Design, Search Marketing, Advertising, User research and Marketing Automation as the budgets increase, allowing our clients to react to change quickly and maximise their results.

No Pork Pies is built on data-driven processes to thoroughly understand our client's markets and customers. We have continued this process since 2009 with advanced tools and improved processes resulting in carefully crafted customer journeys, personas and strategies to target the right customers at the right time through the right channels.

Our Beliefs:


No Pork Pies’ brand name is derived from the idea that marketing has moved from manipulative advertising to an open and transparent process where communication is essential. No Pork Pies literally means ‘No Lies’ and we are passionate about standing by this promise.


Digital marketing is continuously changing and adapting. No Pork Pies invests in developing processes, continuously testing ideas and developing in-house technology to create solutions that will benefit our clients and offer the most innovative solutions that actually work.


We believe that there is a shift in marketing with an aim to build useful brands. By offering customers, and potential customers, something useful and resolving a problem a brand is able to open up dialogue and build trust. We help brands move from a pure sales mindset to being useful and developing a customer experience mindset.


Speed is essential when we are working as an extension of your team. We don't believe clients should have to wait 2-3 months for an agency to ‘fit them in’. Our processes offer direct communication with the whole team and the ability to adapt quickly when necessary. It is an essential part of our agile approach and we continuously test and improve our processes to make sure it works effectively.


No Pork Pies are driven by data. All our decisions are based on carefully researched insights from multiple sources. We are experts in data analysis and tracking, meaning we work with you to make sure you are tracking all measurable areas and integrating the data together so we can see a clear view of all the stages of the client journey whilst accurately reporting the data. In doing so we are able to measure clear key performance indicators and adapt strategies and processes when necessary, as well as test alternative ideas.


Many agencies aren’t very flexible. They offer you a specific service and will continuously try to sell you more of what they offer even if other channels are a better solution. No Pork Pies looks at your business holistically, our monthly reports show this. In doing so we can see which channels are performing and which aren’t and recommend budget reallocation, even if that means moving money from our services to another area. We don’t tie you in to long contracts or expensive break clauses so we can advise you on where to focus and make your digital marketing campaigns extremely flexible.

Part of your Team

We are a small team of experienced consultants. We plan on remaining small and work with exceptional businesses who want to excel and grow through digital marketing channels. We work with these businesses to be their outsourced digital marketing team, offering the specific services of Performance focused marketing activity including, Digital Advertising, Conversion Optimisation, Search Marketing, Website Design and Marketing Automation, as well as expert digital marketing advice and knowledge sharing. We look forward to the day when our clients tell us they are bringing elements of our services to their in-house team because we know we've been a big part of their growth to allow them to achieve that.

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