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Programmatic Advertising

Continuous improvements in your advertising campaign through real-time bidding and programmatic improvements to your campaigns.

Digital Advertising requires an in-depth level of data analysis and trend spotting. This then leads to adjustments in the campaign to maximise exposure and positive results.

Our technology allows us to analyse campaigns through API data sources and campaign platform integration. Tweaking campaigns to offer more personalised advertising and improve return on advertising spend.

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Landing Page Development

Creating customised landing pages for every campaign may well benefit your PPC campaign's "quality score", but it's also time-consuming. Imagine building individual pages for every campaign, keyword, location, device and time of day - the time investment alone is painful to consider. With No Pork Pies’ in-house software landing pages are created based on your existing brand design, with best-practice layouts and bespoke content, and adapted to be personalised for each campaign.

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AB Testing & Personalisation

No Pork Pies are a Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) Certified Partner. This tool offers us the ability to adapt any page on a client’s site to target the audience segment. Offering exceptional customer experience and improving conversion rates. This also includes AB testing where we are able to split test different variations to see which version performs the best. Integrating this technology into our Programmatic Advertising solution means we can offer users a heavily personalised experience from initial advertisement right through to the website experience.

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User Analytics

Our processes are built on understanding user behaviour and flow through our client's websites. Our technology offers the ability to record user sessions, show heatmaps, analyse form drop-offs and review user journeys to give us the ability to segment the audience and build accurate user journeys through to the point of conversion. Through understanding these ‘touch-points’ we can then optimise and improve the process.

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Marketing Automation Software

Data is the key to our processes and, as such, we work with clients to centralise all data resources into our Marketing automation software. This offers a full Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform along with email marketing, segmentation and automated funnels & processes. Through this platform we can review the full customer journey and spot weaknesses within the chain, improve the customer experience and conversion process, as well as automate sales processes to generate more businesses.

Exit Popups and Surveys

Exit Capture and User Surveys

No Pork Pies have developed software that will show the user a popup dialogue box at relevant points in the journey. It could capture a user just before they go to leave the site with an offer to push them back into the conversion or it could show a survey to gain additional insights, both essential information to gather information and improve conversions.

Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Analytics & Monitoring

No Pork Pies work with the market leading Social Media Monitoring platform, Brandwatch, to offer our clients in-depth insights and on-going monitoring of their social media landscape. This allows us to spot opportunities in real-time, create useful content strategies that the audience actually wants and analyse competitors to give us a strong understanding of the competitive landscape.

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Bespoke Reporting

All this data wouldn’t be particularly useful if our clients didn’t have a clear report explaining what it all means. No Pork Pies have developed bespoke reports that pull data from relevant sources and summarise the details to give a clear picture of our client’s results and progress.
These reports are tailored to your requirements and can be continuously improved to give you the insights you really need.


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