Research and Insights

Research & Insights

Our processes are built around customer understanding. The more we understand, the more we can tailor the approach to the target audience.

We work extremely closely with our clients to understand their target market. We then use our advanced research processes to build customer profiles, understand specific user journeys and build a 'minimum viable product' version of your website. We use this version to test messaging and pricing, ready to maximise results on product launch or through fast pace scaling projects.

Through in-depth data mining and integrated reporting we are able to spot trends and build measurable reports that can carefully monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are the key to our agile process of continuous improvements. Our in-house marketing automation implementation can help develop an automated flow to save time, help scale and skyrocket leads and sales.

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Once we know all we can about the audience it’s time to work on the right strategy for you. We work with you to understand your strengths and weaknesses, as well as looking at your competitors to understand what their strengths are. We then look at the best channels (be it SEO, Paid Media, Email or any other) to see which fits your approach, your propositions and your budgets.

This results in a carefully formulated strategy that gets you in-front of your target audience, offers them useful content and a useful website that results in them remembering you and offers them as simple route through to conversion.

Technical SEO

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

SEO can be split into a number of specific areas. Our approach to ‘on-going’ SEO is through creative campaigns, and being genuinely useful, but SEO still requires ‘onsite SEO’ and in-depth data analysis.
No Pork Pies has specialised in Search Engine Optimisation from day one (that's currently over 8 years) and we have continuously evolved to keep up with the latest changes and approaches to improve search visibility. We are experts in SEO and our technical and data driven approach allows for best practice SEO as well as tailored campaign ideas. We make sure you maximise your search engine visibility.

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Marketing Automation

SAAS & eCommerce businesses vary greatly in their individual sales processes. Building a bespoke process and understanding sales 'touchpoints' is essential to building a constantly growing pipeline. Our tools integrate into your existing processes and are customised to work with your website and internal teams. Our marketing automation software includes CRM, email, automation, reporting and landing page personalisation resulting in an exceptional tool and process to skyrocket any SAAS or eCommerce business's growth.

Creative Content

Content & Website Design

Designing and carefully structuring a website is an essential process to any e-business. User Experience and testing processes can make a massive difference to the number of inquiries and sales a company generates through the site. No Pork Pies develop websites with the sole aim of achieving substantial and continuous growth. We integrate strong User Experience with continuous site testing and creative content to fulfil the user’s needs. Resulting in regular traffic, attention, interest and high conversion volumes.

Pay Per Click

Paid Advertising

No Pork Pies are Google Adwords Certified Partners & experts in setting up and managing digital advertising campaigns. Be it through Search engine marketing, Social Media Platforms, Videos or Mobile we are able to create a relevant campaign and optimise it for continuous improvements. We also create landing pages that are tailored for each campaign and integrate it with our Programmatic approach to continuously tweaking campaigns through algorithmic rules and adapt the landing pages accordingly. This results in strong visibility and conversions, leading to exceptional return on advertising spend. We are so confident in our approach we even offer it on a performance related pay option.

Conversion Optimisation

Conversion Optimisation

We don’t stop once you've got the traffic. We make sure the maximum percentage of visitors goes through your website funnel and comes out the other end as a customer. We do this through our in-house testing tools to improve website performance and offer personalised experiences to your customers. We also give your site an expert audit for potential issues and can run user testing sessions to spot potential user issues. This process, coupled with our insight based KPI measurement process, means we can spot issues or opportunities fast and adapt to maximise conversion rates and campaign success. Meaning you make more money.


Our Agile Approach

Extended Team

No Pork Pies works as an extension of your in-house team. When it's not financially viable to hire an entire Digital marketing team in-house we can work with you to offer support and management, whilst our processes mean we are never far away.

Initial Kickoff Meeting

Any Agile process starts with an in-depth kick off meeting. Working as a team we all get together to understand your business, identify KPIs, build on a strategy and come away with a vast amount of knowledge to make your campaign a success.

KPI Setup

Agile processes need to be carefully and continuously monitored so the approach can be optimised where relevant. It is essential that we setup data processes to capture all the data points and measure core KPIs so we can gain near real-time data on how the campaign is progressing.

Cloud Based Project Board

As an extension of your team our processes are completely transparent. We use a cloud based project management board which the whole team has access to so everyone can see where the team is, at both No Pork Pies and your in-house team, and make sure deadlines aren't missed.

Slack Communications

No Pork Pies uses Slack as our internal and external communications channel. A channel will be created for your account and the whole team will have access to it. This will allow for categorised communication and direct access to the entire team during work hours.


Through our Agile approach we aim to fail fast and change quickly. This means we identify any wastage (campaigns or processes that aren't generating a return) and change the approach until they either do or are removed from the strategy. This approach results in a lean marketing approach with strong financial rewards.

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