Premier League Transfer Spending 2011 [infographic]

With the 2011-12 football transfer window set to shut on 31st January, we decided to look at where Premier League transfer money went in 2011; a year that marked the highest transfer spend in the history of the Premiership.

We used treemapping to show the distribution of transfer spending between the 23 teams who played in the Premiership in 2011. The infographic also looks at which position proved the most costly to clubs and whether the belief that British players cost more than their foreign counterparts rang true in 2011.

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Premier League Transfer Spending 2011 Infographic

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3 thoughts on “Premier League Transfer Spending 2011 [infographic]

  1. Matthew Dorey

    Good stuff. I think there is a typo though: Lukaku vs Lukaka.

    Meanwhile, it would be interesting to see which paid the undisclosed fees. Perhaps the amounts are not available (they are undisclosed after all!) but perhaps it could be divided in proportion to number of players per club with an undisclosed fee.

    I am curious about the undisclosed fees because Everton seem like such an outlier here. I know that they have not spent very much but if every club could hang on to Premiership status with such a small spend then they would all be doing it. I have a feeling that Everton take up more of that undisclosed region than most of the other clubs.

    Another interesting thing to investigate with an infographic like this would be the amount clubs were also paying out for previously “bought” players during 2011 – i.e. in terms of keeping up instalments. I have a feeling this would expand the rectangles for Stoke, Newcastle and Manchester City.

  2. Kristian Bannister Post author

    Thanks for spotting the mistakes guys, that will be updated now. My proof reader has been sacked.

    Undisclosed fees where taken into account based on the final amounts stated in Deloitte’s report minus the accumulative figure released by clubs. Installments is another interesting factor to consider although I’m not sure how open clubs are about that info.

    Another interesting/funny figure I wanted to include but couldn’t fit in is that Chelsea have to date paid £16.6 million per league goal from Torres and Liverpool have paid £8.75m per league goal for Carroll. That’s just on transfer fee as well, not wages over that time.


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