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Meet Our Senior Team

We are a web development and digital marketing agency based in Brighton and London. Our close-knit team draw from a diverse wealth of experience within the industry. One thing we all have in common is our passion for what we do. Find out more about what we bring to the table and what makes us tick.

Adam - Managing Director

My passion for both gadgets and marketing left me with no option but to work within digital marketing. The ever changing tools and innovations within digital keep my imagination busy on a daily basis and it's what I love about my job.
Being the business is very much my life and my ‘social’ activities very much revolve around that, but I am a big Formula 1 fan and my daughter, Mia keeps me busy when I'm not working!
Kristian - Creative Director

I work as Creative Director here at No Pork Pies. This means I have to develop and implement creative strategies for each of our clients. I am fascinated by design and usability and passionate about ensuring we deliver excellent web experiences.
Likes: Keeping fit, QPR, video games and DJing for Brighton club night – Blah Blah Blah.
Dislikes: Poetry on TV ads, Daytime radio, Bad UX
Favourite site: Polygon
Luke - Research & UX Director

I give our clients insight into what users are doing on their websites and how they can increase their conversion rates. I create wireframes for new site designs and carry out user testing sessions to help identify problems and find ways to improve usability. My main focus is on user behaviour and how people interact with sites and apps.
Likes: Football & running
Dislikes: Excel crashing & mushrooms
Favourite site: Jim'll Paint It
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