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Conversion Optimisation Services

NPP believe that research based conversion optimisation processes are key to any project's success. Below is a list of some of the different research processes we offer:


Accessibility is not just about making sure your website works for disabled people, though this obviously important, it is also about ensuring it works across all different types of devices and technologies.

BERT Testing

BERT stands for Bipolar Emotional Response Testing and is a way to get subjective, measurable feedback on designs and brands to understand your positioning.

Customer Journey

How do your customers travel through your website to specific points?
Make the process as simple as possible by mapping out the ideal Customer Journey.

Desktop User Testing

Face to Face testing on a desktop device offers unparalleled insight into user behaviour.

Expert Review

We'll offer my expert opinion and analyse your website with a full review of accessibility, usability and conversion funnels.

Focus Group

We can organise and facilitate a group session with your target audience to understand their needs and requirements to help develop the ideal website or application.

Heat Mapping

Analyse web pages based on where and what people are clicking on and whether they are scrolling down the page.

Information Architecture

Is your site structured to help users navigate through the site in the easiest possible manner?

International Research

International audiences have different behaviour and requirements. Is your international site regionally targeted?


One to One discussions with your target audience can help gain insights into their requirements and how your website can be improved to meet them.

Mobile User Testing

Mobile web usage is growing on a daily basis. Running tests on your mobile site will help make sure it is as simple as possible to drive customers through the required funnel.

Online User Testing

NPP can use online User Testing tools to offer you a large volume of feedback on your website usability through more cost effective means.

Persona Development

Understand your audience and what makes them unique so your site and marketing can become more targeted and effective

Social Research

Using our Social Media Analysis tools and processes we will research your industry online and identify key insights

Split Testing

Using Multi-variant and A/B testing techniques we can test different variations of web pages to improve your sites conversion rates.

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