What does it take to be a Social Media Influencer?

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Whether you want to become one yourself, or you think you could benefit from following a few of these people on their social travels, here’s a run-down of everything and anything that points to someone being a social media influencer.

Know your place

First things first, you absolutely have to have a little niche to fit into if you want to be a social media influencer. You need to find an area of interest that other people want to know about and you have to be able to offer something to that audience of people. Help people, make points and educate people on your area of knowledge, and you will put yourself in the position of social media influencer.

Where do I go?

With so many different social media outlets available to you, the truth is, where you post should depend on what you are posting. At the moment you should regularly be posting on Facebook, Google + and Twitter as well as your own blog. All of these can be linked together, but depending on what you have to say, you may find that one is better than another on different occasions.

It’s also important to consider that there are inevitably already networks out there that are already established and you would be wise to seek them out and make sure you are present and active there too rather than assuming that an existing community will come to you.

Plan your time

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Being a social media influencer takes time! You are going to have to post regularly on several different platforms, and as an influencer, you have to be looking at an ‘all killer no filler’ output! That means that every share, every tweet and every post has to count. Remember that you are trying to engage and trying to build a reputation as a go-to person. It’s hard work and you have to plan carefully in order to be able to offer something on all fronts at all times.

Find your voice

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Being a good writer always helps if you want to become a social media influencer. After all, you are trying to communicate, so being a good communicator isa must! Perhaps more importantly, you have to find a good voice. You can be authoritative, conversational, amusing or as serious as can be. The key is to choose a style, stick to it, and make sure you get all of your points across clearly and concisely.

Distribute your thoughts carefully

If you are predominantly a blogger you have to remember that you are at a disadvantage to anyone who always uses either Google + or Facebook. You need to make sure you use a professional blogging site such as WordPress or Blogger, and once you have done this you also have to make sure that you have a strong presence on social networking sites so that you can drive traffic from there to your blog. Twitter is a great distribution site, so make sure you work hard to build up a social presence here.

How to gauge your success?

When you start out, comments are going to be a major indicator of whether or not people are paying attention to you, but once you develop your audience, you will be looking for shares and re-tweets, depending on which platform you are using. This shows just how important it is for you to build a large list of friends or followers in all social networking sites so that you can share your work and thoughts.

Strong titles

Remember that people move fast online. If they don’t like the look of something, they will move on to the next article. Always make sure you grab the attention of the reader. You also need to be sure that you consider SEO. Be sure that your title has some of the keywords relating to your article, and be sure that your first paragraph reiterates what the article is about and sticks to the theme of the article. This really will help your post in the short and long term.

In summary

To be a social media influencer, you have to work very hard! The main points are to focus on your areas of expertise, make yourself available to the people in your networks, and above all maintain your presence. Follow these points and you will give yourself half a chance of becoming the social media influencer you always dreamed of being!


2 thoughts on “What does it take to be a Social Media Influencer?

  1. Stuart Battersby

    Hi Tim, I couldn’t agree more on your point about understanding your audience. At Chatterbox Analytics we’re interested in the conversation drivers, it’s a slightly different take on the influencer notion but much simpler, but we think that if you can get other people chatting about something – which puts you at the heart of the connected online community – you’re a rather important person.

    P.S. our stuff is free at the moment! :-)

  2. StoneyTheDreamer

    Feeling fairly acquainted with Facebook and Twitter, I am also starting to look through Reddit, which listed your article under social media. I read this as research for my next blog entry. I commend your concise and well stated take. As more of a social media enthusiast than an influencer, I was somewhat surprised when I found nothing radical here. Perhaps that is simply growing familiarity on my part. Happily, my habits already fit most of your tips. Subscribers/followers/circles/readers/interest groups – some whose livelihood depends on sucessful engagement – will likely enjoy this too… So, let the sharing commence :)

    -StoneyTheDreamer [like u said, have a voice]


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