Content Marketing Matters!

Content marketing is very important when it comes to creating your business strategy, and personally I think it’s underestimated. I saw some recent statistics produced by eMarkerter that backed up my point, they said, “73% of businesses rely on their own branded content”. Which clearly shows that by writing your own “good” content is defiantly the way forward in terms of marketing your businesses.

There are many reasons content marketing works but I have decided to pick out a few key benefits on why your business should be doing more of it.

Helps People Find your Business:

For my first point I’ve decided to go down a different route …. Search!


“Search” is a big factor when it comes to finding your business within search engines. Normally, when a customer has a problem, they will “Google it” to find the correct solution. So if your business is trying to increase its rankings and become more visible to potential customers, answering the question and making sure it reaches a “quality search content” standard would be a key way to succeed within content marketing.

There’s plenty you can do other than answering people’s queries on the Internet, so you need to make sure your doing the following when it comes to doing content marketing:

- Regularly update your blog.
- Create relevant content within your field.
- Write for established blogs and create guest posts linking back to your content.
- Use social networks to publish newsletters and other similar content to potential customers.
- Add presentations to solve people’s problems and post them on SlideShare to gain a link back to your page and allow people to find out about your business.

Create Personal Relationships:


The second benefit might seem very clear and obvious but it’s important that these personal relationships are being done for the right reasons and not the bad.

After doing some research on the web it seems clear to me that consumers like custom content because it’s tailored to their interests; and I also have found people felt they would rather buy a product from a company who provide custom content compared to one that doesn’t. Which then got me thinking about why content shouldn’t always be about your business, its should be about things going on in the industry and making sure you’re the first business writing about it and not just duplicating content that has been over used in the past.

Close the Deal:


It’s good writing content but is it actually doing anything for your business? The key here is to make sure you giving the audience a variety of content, below I have listed different things you can produce to make your content stand out on the web:

- Add content available online and events such as conferences or discussions.
- Look at writing case studies and white papers and posting them to your website in PDF format.
- Create pricing guides highlighting your “key” offers.
- Create calculators to show prospects of a business ROI prospects.
- Create interesting and appealing competitions with a good prize waiting at the end.

To Conclude:

Unless a business markets exclusively through lifeless mind-to-mind conversations, content will make a big difference for a business and should be used regularly!

I would be interested to hear how you’re using content marketing to grow your business; it would be great to start a discussion on what works best for you.

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