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The Online Conversion Principle Webinar

Understanding the psychology of how people make decisions can be an incredibly powerful process to persuade and influence people. The web is no different, there are specific processes and techniques that should be understood to help you design and structure your website to maximise the chance of the customer following the journey to conversion, whilst… Continue Reading »

Conversion and Content Vs. Highstreet Retail Operations

Throughout university I held down a job in retail, over the years I moved from brand to brand and several patterns were consistent throughout. The foundations of the offline retail business were understood to the core, however the same cannot be said about many of their online stores. The problem is that most influencers in… Continue Reading »

10 Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips For Your Online Dating Profile

In online business, even slight changes to wording, colour, images, etc. can result in massive changes to conversion rates; the same can be said for online dating response rate. We live in world full of competing content and minimal time; so when you’re promoting yourself on dating sites you should use some of the same… Continue Reading »

Premier League Transfer Spending 2011 [infographic]

With the 2011-12 football transfer window set to shut on 31st January, we decided to look at where Premier League transfer money went in 2011; a year that marked the highest transfer spend in the history of the Premiership. We used treemapping to show the distribution of transfer spending between the 23 teams who played… Continue Reading »