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Attracting Attention to Your Call to Action

Using our new eye tracking device We decided to run some tests to see what impact different designs may have on call to action (CTA) buttons. We ran a study with 62 participants to see how subtle changes to design affected their gaze on ecommerce websites. Test One – Repositioning the CTA In our first… Continue Reading »

Conversion and Content Vs. Highstreet Retail Operations

Throughout university I held down a job in retail, over the years I moved from brand to brand and several patterns were consistent throughout. The foundations of the offline retail business were understood to the core, however the same cannot be said about many of their online stores. The problem is that most influencers in… Continue Reading »

UX and the City – Why Brighton is a Great Place for User Experience

In the last week I’ve attended two big UX events right here in Brighton. Both the fascinating UX Brighton conference and the excellent UX Camp Brighton sold record amounts of tickets this year reflecting how strong the user experience industry is in the area. The first event was the UX Brighton Conference which took place… Continue Reading »

The Importance of Storytelling in Product Page Design

In my previous blog post I detailed a step by step guide for creating an optimised product page. In this post, I’m going to be looking at product pages again, but this time from a slightly different angle: the importance of product storytelling. At NPP Digital, we mainly look at things from a conversion perspective,… Continue Reading »

What Do Colour-blind Users See When They’re on Your Website?

Here at NPP Digital HQ we take accessibility pretty seriously. We use a range of tools and techniques throughout the design process to ensure that the sites we build are accessible to all users across all devices. I recently wrote a guest post for Wired Sussex about how the practicalities of using a screen reader… Continue Reading »

UX Brighton goes for a Spin

Last night’s UX Brighton looked at the challenges for engineers, researchers, and UX specialists in designing interfaces for the automobile industry. Two expert speakers shared their experiences designing interfaces between human and machine. The event, organised by Tom Prior, gave a fascinating insight into the latest trends in car design and UX. First up was… Continue Reading »

Dark Patterns Vs Conversion Optimisation

Dark Patterns are user interfaces, normally websites, which are designed to trick people into taking actions that they did not mean to take. The concept was originally put forward by UX Consultant Harry Brignull as a way of exposing the work of ‘evil’ designers. Dark Patterns appear on an increasing number of websites and are… Continue Reading »