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Attracting Attention to Your Call to Action

Using our new eye tracking device We decided to run some tests to see what impact different designs may have on call to action (CTA) buttons. We ran a study with 62 participants to see how subtle changes to design affected their gaze on ecommerce websites. Test One – Repositioning the CTA In our first… Continue Reading »

How did Marks And Spencer make £150 million mistake?

On July 7th Marks and Spencer revealed that their online sales were down 8% (compared to their typical 20% increases previously). What was conspicuously absent was any mention of the £150m investment in the site that they had been eager to boast about on launch in February. M&S have a team of 50 software developers… Continue Reading »

Conversion and Content Vs. Highstreet Retail Operations

Throughout university I held down a job in retail, over the years I moved from brand to brand and several patterns were consistent throughout. The foundations of the offline retail business were understood to the core, however the same cannot be said about many of their online stores. The problem is that most influencers in… Continue Reading »

Measurefest; Analytics & Measurement Event

Yesterday saw a return of analytics and CRO event Measurefest. This event was a great mix of marketing optimisation and data geekery, bringing together 12 expert speakers covering a wide range of topics. First up was Neil Barnes from the Friday Media Group who reminded us all of the importance of page load speed in… Continue Reading »

Introducing the Conversion Optimisation Calculator

A successful digital marketing strategy should be built around improving weak areas and maximising the strong ones.  But how can businesses identify what is right for them? We’d like to introduce our Conversion Optimisation Calculator tool. It works on a very simple model of three core objectives: These figures are easy to calculate if your… Continue Reading »